Candid. Innovative. Results Driven. Responsive.

CANDOR.  We are truth-tellers, providing important insights, even when they might not be pleasing to hear.  We have found that pandering to appease leads to subpar outcomes.  While mindful of tone and perspective, direct and objective feedback is our primary focus.  Often we are the ones brought in to assist with the difficult questions and hard conversations.  In addition to solving for both routine and complex compensation challenges, we have helped our clients manage conflict between decision-makers and constituent groups, assisted in merger negotiations, and advised on many other special situations.  Integrity and discretion are a critical part of our company culture.

INNOVATION Johnson Associates focuses on strategic thinking with a strong awareness of current and long-term business and leadership objectives to align pay with performance.  Gathering data is what all consulting firms do. Knowing how to best apply it to our clients’ specific needs, and making sense of complexity, sets us apart and allows us to provide actionable and straight-forward advice.  Our team utilizes a creative approach that leads to solutions tailored to specific business models and success factors.  We are unafraid of unconventional recommendations and have designed programs that are different from industry norms where appropriate.

FORWARDTHINKING.  Our deep knowledge of market cycles across 25+ years, together with our understanding of the evolving regulatory and governance landscape, means we can take a forward-thinking approach.  Unlike some other consultants, we are not “fighting the last war” or implementing programs that are in vogue but don’t fulfill our client’s primary objectives.  Keeping our clients abreast and ahead of trends is central to the work that we do.  But providing them with a custom solution that makes sense for them is even more important.

HIGHTOUCH ENGAGEMENT.  Our clients know that they will work with a responsive, senior level principal on every single assignment. Our highly  experienced consultants are familiar with the intricacies of the compensation challenges and business objectives within the broad spectrum of financial services firms.  We have been fortunate to maintain long-standing relationships with some of the world’s leading financial institutions.  This continuity of support allows us to provide insights, actionable advice and creates program designs that are thoroughly in tune with each client’s unique company culture, business and leadership objectives, and management style.  We take pride in our clients’ success.

Independent Thinking.  Actionable Advice. True Partners.