As money managers continue to evolve to better integrate technology into their business, demand for professionals with this expertise also grows.

And while firms are moving to lower-fee investment products and facing increased operational costs, the “best technologists and data analytics (professionals) continue to be expensive,” said Alan Johnson, managing director of Johnson Associates Inc., New York.

Despite this, moving into 2020, pay for asset management staff, on average, is expected to look similar to 2019, “down slightly,” according to Mr. Johnson.

Year-end incentives, which include cash bonuses and equity awards, for asset management professionals were projected to be flat to down 5% compared to year-end 2018, a November report by Johnson Associates said.

“I think (compensation declines) probably would be worse, but firms continue to look at their headcount to make sure they don’t have too many people,” Mr. Johnson said of pay projections heading into 2020.

Pensions & Investments / January 13, 2020