Firms are demonstrating willingness to give hefty pay boosts to particularly talented young tech experts. However, “these big jumps are still cheap relative to the much bigger compensation packages required to retain more-senior employees,” said Johnson Associates managing director Francine McKenzie in the report.

“Even with the recent market volatility, we continue to forecast a positive outlook for 2018 asset management compensation, which would build on the significant pay levels delivered in 2017,” she told Money Management Executive, while noting the trajectory could change if there is a sustained and deep downturn.

“With increased market and sector volatility, we are likely to see more outliers, depending on strategy and focus, than we did in 2017, where many boats rose in tandem with the market,” she says. “Those in the industry that would especially benefit from volatility would be the large brokers whose advice and guidance during turbulence is often sought.”

Overall, she adds, despite the challenges, “large asset management firms are well- managed, positioned and structured, and will continue to offer real career and compensation opportunities.”

Financial Planning / April 9, 2018