….Meanwhile, many retailers such as IKEA, Gap, Whole Goods and Costco aren’t standing idly by, waiting for Congress to take action. They’re already paying workers above the federal minimum wage, adds Alan Johnson, managing director at Johnson Associates, a New York-based consulting firm that specializes in compensation.
Minimum-wage laws have also been passed in 22 states, including Michigan, Montana and Missouri, with wages higher than the federal rate.

All things considered, that’s partly why the survey’s results don’t surprise Johnson. Although there are people willing to work for minimum wage, he says employers realize that the savings simply aren’t worth it when considering the problems that sometimes accompany low wage earners like high absenteeism.

Johnson believes an increase to between $10 and $11 per hour is “the sweet spot?. Still, wages are tricky and vulnerable to snowballing, creating even more problems….

Human Resource Executive / October 13, 2014