Nearly 50% of respondents to a recent Ignites reader survey said they expect a larger bonus for 2013 than they received for 2012, with 43% expecting a moderate increase and 6% predicting a significant increase.

The results are as of late afternoon Tuesday, with 437 readers voting. Click here to vote in the ongoing poll. Just 17% said that they expect their bonuses to fall below their 2012 payout, with 12% envisioning a moderate decrease and 5% expecting a significant decrease…

Alan Johnson, managing director of compensation firm Johnson Associates, also sees the poll results as an on-target prediction of 2013 bonuses. “They can look to the markets. There’s transparency about what drives business and thus compensation,” Johnson says. “If you tell me what the average for the S&P [500] will be in 2014, I can give you a pretty good estimate about bonuses.”

Ignites / December 4, 2013