Many industry professionals are optimistic that their 2013 compensation will be higher than last year’s pay.
That is according to the results of an Ignites poll that also found nearly 40% of participants predict they will earn about the same amount this year as last year.

Roughly 36%, or 156 voters, expect their total 2013 pay to be slightly higher than last year’s earnings, while 10%, or 46 voters, believe it will be much higher…

The poll results “are consistent with the general perception that the industry is continuing to improve, but perhaps not all boats are rising, or rising at the same rate,” says Francine McKenzie, a managing director at compensation consulting firm Johnson Associates. McKenzie’s firm estimates incentive pay increases of 10% to 15% in 2013 for industry professionals.

Ignites (A Financial Times Service) / May 30, 2013